The Meaning of Dragonflies

purple dragonfly ornament

Polymer clay dragonfly ornament

I seem to have a small dragonfly obsession, which expresses itself in my jewelry designs. In the summer and fall of 2013, I created a “flight” of dragonfly designs. (That’s what you call a group of dragonflies.) I didn’t dwell on the deeper meaning at the time. But I have looked up the meaning of dragonflies more than once.

Dragonflies are a totem animal in many cultures, symbolizing different things, from change and transformation to strength and adaptability.

Picture of blue dragonfly necklace

Pewter dragonfly on blueberry glass nuggets necklace.

Their graceful flight and iridescent coloring fascinate and delight.

Picture of beaded dragonfly earrings

Glass bead and pewter wing dragonfly earrings in assorted colors.

They are common motifs in many forms of art, depicted in association with both water and air.

Picture of dragonfly necklace and earring set

Brass dragonfly necklace and earrings with turquoise glass beads.

They are seen by some as a connection to the spirits of nature and the faerie realm.

Picture of dragonfly charm bracelet

Dragonfly copper charm bracelet with fire-polished crystal beads.

Dragonflies have been around for millions of years as a family of insects, but as individuals, they only live a matter of months in their adult form. (The flightless aquatic larvae can live several years, depending on species.)

Dragonflies are reminders to live in the moment and find the joy in living.I expect they will continue to be a totem in my jewelry designs, bringing me new joy with each completed creation.

You can find a selection of dragonfly-themed handcrafted jewelry in my Etsy shop. Or you can contact me about a custom design just for you.