Valentine’s Fun with Cookie Candy Molds

cookies on plate

White chocolate-covered Oreo Valentine’s cookies

I love to bake. I am not a fan of eating baked goods, preferring savory and salty treats like chips and salsa. But I love to bake. Cookies. Brownies. Pies. Whoopie pies (which are actually cakes and not pies). Gourmet cupcakes. Yeast breads. Etc.

It’s because I love organic chemistry. If you’ve ever been in an organic chem lab, you will see that it’s a lot like baking. Or vice versa. Baking requires precision measurements and temperatures. The order and way ingredients are combined can change the whole outcome.

I even like making candy. Sort of. I like to make my own caramel sauce by carefully heating granulated sugar until just the right shade of brown. Sometimes, however, I am lazy. I do not always bake “from scratch.” And today, I “made” cookies without baking at all.

heart-shaped candy mold

The heart-shapes cookie candy molds I bought.

I bought these cookie candy molds last spring – thinking I could have some fun with polymer clay. I put them away and promptly lost track of them. I found them the other day when looking for something else – which I didn’t find.

Before I turn them into polymer clay or resin toys, I decided to try them for their intended purpose, as a special treat for my Valentine.

bag of red candy melts

Red candy melts – they were on sale!

I see these candy melts in the craft store all the time. When I am browsing the baking section for things I can use to play with clay, like fondant cutters and molds. They come in many colors.

Anyway, the red ones were on sale – it being the season for red candy. So, I grabbed a bag. It says they are vanilla flavor. They are. I will spare you the list of ingredients though. Just know there is nothing “good for you” in there. It’s okay. That’s what your gummie vitamins are for.

white chocolate wafers

Ghirardelli white chocolate wafers – the good stuff.

The candy melts come in white too. But so does actual white chocolate. And I happen to have some of that on hand. So I used it.

I don’t have a photo of the key ingredient – Oreo cookies. I wasn’t planning to blog about this so I didn’t photograph as I went.

I used the Double Stuff variety. You could use any stuffing size, or flavor, of Oreo you want. Or, really, any cookie of approximately the same shape and size.

Assembly was fairly straight forward. Melt some red candy in the microwave, put into a pastry bag, and fill the heart shapes. (I have always had trouble coloring inside the lines. This was no exception. It doesn’t affect the flavor one bit.)┬áPop the mold in the fridge for a few minutes to let the candy set. Melt some white chocolate in the microwave. Spoon into the wells, filling about 2/3 full. Smoosh an Oreo down into each well until the white chocolate surrounds it. Let chill in fridge. (They can be stored at room temperature once the chocolate sets.) Pop cookies out of the mold and serve with milk.

cookies on plate

My very first molded candy-covered cookies in all their glory.

It took me about 20 minutes from start to finish to make eight cookies, including chill time in the fridge. When it was all done, I only had two small glass bowls, a spatula, and the candy mold to clean up with a little soapy warm water. Quickest “homemade” cookies with a personal touch ever.

flower-shaped candy molds

The fun flower shaped cookie candy molds I also bought.

I bought these two varieties of cookie candy molds at the same time I got the hearts. Fun flower shapes. They had sea creatures, dragonflies, etc. too.

Can you see all the fun possibilities for polymer clay and resin?

Stay tuned for more fun with candy molds. Though probably not as intended by the manufacturer.

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  1. Brandy

    How neat! I also see these candy melts and molds all the time and never pick some up… I want to! But I intend to use them for food only….I’ll leave the polymer clay creations to you!

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