Bead Soup Ingredients Reveal Part 2: What I Received

package outside door

Is that my Bead Soup?

What a welcome site this was when I got home from work today. My mail carrier kindly climbed two flights and placed the box with label facing in. Even though I couldn’t see the return address label, I knew instantly that it was my Bead Soup ingredients from my partner Sue.

I scooped up the box (after pausing for this photo op)  and hurried inside. I wanted to open it right away. Alas, Inspector Mango and Design Consultant Cloud (you can see their photo on my About page) were needing dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever opened a can of cat food and gotten it into their dishes quicker. Much to Inspector Mango’s delight.

Bead Soup Blog Party ingredients in package.

My Bead Soup nestled in its pretty package.

Inside that humble brown box on my door step was this beautiful greeting card with a message from Sue, and my loot, all wrapped and bagged. (Don’t you wish I’d just hurry up and show you what’s inside? Is the anticipation driving you mad?)

In her note to me, Sue said she thinks she “went a little overboard!” She was indeed very generous in the ingredients she sent me and I am very lucky to have been partnered with her. Many thanks to Lori Anderson, the hostess for this Bead Soup Blog Party, for pairing me with Sue.

Bead Soup Blog Party ingredients on paper

Look at all the shiny beads!

This is what was inside the box. A bountiful booty of glass beads and silver components. Plus an adorable note pad. It was early evening when I poured this out onto my coffee table. The light of day was fading fast, but I wanted to snap a few photos to post right away on the Bead Soup Cafe, which is the Facebook group page for us party goers.

I stared at all the shiny for a bit, then I put it back in the bag and made myself eat some dinner. Then I set up the light tent to get some photos that would do better justice to these beautiful ingredients.

Bead Soup Blog Party beads sorted into bowls.

A bead banquet.

There is so much wonderful here, I hardly know where to start. There’s that gorgeous toggle clasp, which is begging to be put in the front of a necklace, not hidden in back. Then there’s the fabulous fish pendant, and the stunning teardrop pendant with gemstone cabs. Each one could be the centerpiece of a necklace. And those delightful little silver drops? Those are looking like earring components. Maybe. Sue also included a very generous serving of silver bead caps.

And just look at all those shiny shiny glass beads! Turquoise and red are a favorite color combination for me, usually in southwestern boho-themed designs. My challenge to myself will be to use them in a different way. Perhaps nautical, with that fish.  Or  Victorian-esque with that teardrop pendant and those lampwork beads. With not one but two shapes and shades of both the blue and red glass beads, plus the floral lampworks and the black coin beads, my options are endless. There’s definitely more than one serving here.

Bead Soup Blog Party beads in a bowl

I couldn’t resist pouring my ingredients into a bowl and stirring.

What will I make with this gorgeous and generously portioned bowl of Bead Soup? You’ll have to come back here on the reveal day, May 3, 2014, to see.

If you want to know more about my participation in this bead-swapping blog-hopping party, like what I sent to Sue, just scroll through the posts in the Blog Hops category of my blog. If you’re interested in jewelry I’ve already made, including my propensity for using turquoise and red together, check out my Etsy shop. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for updates about my latest designs, news about this blog, and other happenings from Paisley Lizard.

notepad and pen

How cute is this?

I almost forgot. Here’s a close-up of that note pad Sue included. It comes with a pint-sized ink pen that clips inside.  And it reads “I’m not old, I’m collectible.”  Tee hee.