Paisley Lizard’s New Designs for Dudes

four beaded necklaces with pewter pendants

My first four necklace designs for the dudes.

I am very pleased to announce the beginning of my line of jewelry designs and accessories for men. I just updated the “Men’s Accessories” section of my Etsy shop, adding four beaded necklaces to keep the two pair of cuff links from last week company. I am off to a good start getting this section stocked by Father’s Day, which was one of the resolutions I made for Paisley Lizard in 2014.

Last week I cut the ribbon on that shop section when I added two pair of cuff links.  I made the faux larimar and purple turquoise inlays for them from polymer clay when playing with one of the two new tutorials I wrote about last week.

faux larimar cuff links

Faux larimar inlay cuff links.

faux purple turquoise cuff links

Faux purple turquoise inlay cuff links.

This weekend I was a little lazy and got off to a slow start, so I didn’t fire up the polymer clay studio. Instead I sat at a table by the window and strung beads. These are the first jewelry I have made for men.

I went with an 18-inch length for a closer fit. Although like anything in my shop, they can be adjusted on request.  I used a mix of gemstone, metal, and glass components. I think they turned out very manly. But, as with most menswear, they are totally steal-able by women and could be considered unisex. And, of course, the first one I made features a lizard.

beaded necklace with lizard pendant

Lizard pendant on African jade and bloodstone beaded necklace.

spidar pendant on black beaded necklace

Stylized tribal spider on black obsidian beaded necklace.

denim blue necklace with turtle pendant

Spiral tribal turtle pendant on denim blue beaded necklace.

blue green necklace with spiral pendant

Spiral motif pendant on blue and green glass beaded necklace.

I have sketches for more necklaces, some without pendants and some using more organic bead shapes. I am contemplating bracelet designs as well. And more cuff links, possibly with coordinating tie tacks or tie clips.

screen shot mens shop section

The beginning inventory in my Men’s Accessories Etsy shop section.

So, keep an eye on this section of my Etsy shop, and stay tuned to my Facebook page (or follow me on Twitter if you prefer) for updates as I add new designs. And if you have any suggestions, or a custom order idea, please contact me by email or message me on Facebook.