8th Bead Soup Blog Party: Design Reveal Day!

beaded necklaces and earrings
Welcome to my first blog hop. Let me begin by thanking the intrepid Lori Anderson, hostess for this international bead-swapping blog-hopping extravaganza.  Thanks also to my partner, Sue, for supplying a gorgeous and challenging soup mix.

The turquoise, black, and red glass bead combination Sue sent is squarely in the middle of my color comfort zone.  So I was initially complacent about getting started, thinking I would have no problem incorporating the beads, focals, and clasp into jewelry designs. Once I finally sat down to start designing is when I realized the real challenge for me was in the shapes of the beads. I couldn’t decide how to use round, tube, teardrop, and coin beads all in the same design.

I wasn’t able to come up with a single design that incorporated all of my soup into one piece of jewelry. I knew from the beginning I would have at least three pieces: one for each focal, and a third to show off the clasp that was too pretty to be hidden in the back of a necklace. In the end, I came up with six necklaces and two pairs of earrings. Click on the photos below for larger views.

Victorian style pearl necklace

The teardrop focal and red teardrop beads.

The Teardrop Focal and some Red Glass Fringe Beads.
The piece I started first – and finished last – is a multi-strand necklace with the teardrop focal. I wanted to do something Victorian. I made and took apart three designs, running out of bead wire in the process. When shopping for more wire I found the 3-to-1 connectors (they’re really earring stations) that gave me the idea for this final design, which incorporates glass pearls and Swarovski bicones from my stash.

red beaded fringe choker necklace

The red glass bicones.

The Red Glass Bicones.  The first piece I completed was part of one of the failed attempts with that teardrop focal. I used most of the red glass bicones to make a beaded fringe choker style necklace. I wire wrapped the bicones onto silver chain, adding small clear crystal bicones to keep them from falling off the ends of the headpins.

red glass fringe chandelier earrings

Red glass teardrops and bicones.

Some Red Glass Fringe Beads and Bicones. I used the last of the red bicones and half the red fringe beads to make these chandelier earrings. I first made the oval stations and then briolette wrapped the fringe beads onto them. I used a pair of bicones to connect the ovals to the earwires. My briolette wraps need a little practice.

lampwork glass beaded necklace

The black lampwork beads with blue flowers.

The Black and Blue Swirl Lampwork Beads. These beads were the biggest challenge for me in terms of finding things in my stash to coordinate with them. I didn’t have any blue beads in the right shade to match those blue swirls. Eventually, I gave in and bought a strand of black beads that had copper (or maybe it’s rose gold?) stripes similar to the swirls in the lampwork beads. And I threw in a handful of faceted copper glass beads and a copper clasp from my stash.

clover beaded dangle earrings

The silver clover drops.

The Silver Clover Drops. I really really wanted to use these drops with the teardrop focal but nothing I tried looked right. So, I put them on  chain with some green pressed glass and cathedral beads to make dangly earrings. That design on the drops may not be a clover, but that’s what it looks like to me. And it’s a pretty close match to the clovers on the pressed glass beads.  Very “luck o’ the Irish” right?

aventurine and amazonite necklace

The bead caps and black coin beads.

The Silver Bead Caps and Black Coin Beads.  This is the only design where I deviated from the glass beads theme of the soup mix my partner sent. I simply didn’t have any glass beads large enough for those lovely bead caps. The only ones I did have were green aventurine. I think they contrast nicely with the black coin beads. Naturally, I didn’t have any smaller green aventurine beads, so I mixed them with some amazonite to round out the necklace.

four strand glass beaded necklace

The clasp from my bead soup.

The Clasp. This silver toggle clasp was a focal piece all on its own. I initially thought about using it for a bracelet. But it really wanted to be part of a necklace. I paired it with four strands of turquoise blue seed beads and a handful of twisted green glass leaf beads. And I taught myself to do a four-strand braid. And then promptly forgot how. But I pinned the page with the helpful photo tutorial for future reference.

beaded wire crochet necklace with fish pendant

The pendant and turquoise beads.

The Fish Focal, Turquoise AB Glass Rounds and Tubes.  For this design, I learned to crochet with wire. My original idea for my soup was to use all the beads, the clasp, and the fish focal in a big statement necklace that was supposed to look like a tropical reef. I think it would have worked, color-wise, but I decided to go with a blue, orange, and yellow color theme instead. I crocheted the turquoise beads from my soup along with a strand of bright orange foiled glass beads, some turquoise foiled glass beads, turquoise teardrop beads, silver scallop shells, and faceted yellow glass beads. It’s definitely a statement piece. And has me hooked on wire crochet. (pun intended)

silver bead cap in bowl

The leftover bead cap.

The Leftovers. I tried my best to use every last drop of my soup mix. Alas, I had one orphaned bead cap left. I added it to my collection of orphaned bead caps and silver beads. Someday when I have enough, I will make a fabulous bracelet or necklace with them all.

I was challenged by my soup and learned some new skills that I hope to perfect in new jewelry designs.  Now I’m off to the hop, the Bead Soup Blog Party hop, to see what my partner made with what I sent her, and to check out what the other nearly 500 participants from all over the United States and around the world designed with their soups. I hope you’ll join the party and come blog hop with us.  Go here for the complete list of participants and scroll to the bottom for links to their blogs so you can see what everyone else made. Leave comments on their blogs to let them know you stopped by to admire their work. And if the spirit moves you, share that link on your own social networks to invite your friends. Everyone is welcome to the party, and there’s plenty of eye-candy to go around.

beaded wire crochet necklace with fish pendant
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115 thoughts on “8th Bead Soup Blog Party: Design Reveal Day!

  1. Rose Rushbrooke

    Tammy – you really worked on this. So many pieces! My favourite is the Victorian necklace with pearls and red bicones. The shape of the necklace is very pleasing.

  2. Jean A. Wells

    Wow, what a beautiful collection of jewelry. I think my favorite is that first necklace. It looks like a Victorian collar. And, I love the last fish necklace. Everything is gorgeous. Great job! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Jean

  3. Liz

    You made me laugh with “the leftovers”. Beautiful work, I especially am drawn to the necklace that uses the fish focal.

  4. Sarah

    I really love the first necklace – very Victorian, very regal. The reef necklace is gorgeous, too – the colours are so inviting!

    1. Tammy Adams

      Thank you, Sarah. That’s exactly the feel I was going for with the first necklace. And thanks for the vote of confidence on the reef necklace colors.

  5. Ginger Davis Allman

    Yes, those are totally your colors! And I hear you about being complacent and then getting hit with the enormity of the shapes. I had a similar issue. But you pulled it off. And these are very wearable pieces. That fish/reef necklace will be perfect with a long summer tank maxi dress. (Can you tell that I’ve been shopping for clothes lately?) You made great pieces, Tammy!

    1. Tammy Adams

      Thank you, Ginger. I think I too will have to go shopping for things to wear with that necklace. I know it’s supposed to be the other way around, accessorizing your clothes by shopping for jewelry, but so what.

  6. Terry Jeanette Carter

    I love all your many pieces, especially the fish necklace. I started crochet wire a couple of years ago too and love it. it’s fun and beautiful. the choices you made for that necklace are perfect!!!!

    1. Tammy Adams

      Thank you, Terry. As I said, I am totally hooked on wire crochet after just one piece. I plan to try more complicated patterns, as soon as I get a crash course in how to read them.

  7. Judy

    What gorgeous pieces you cooked up from your soup. A very successful first time, I’d say! Beautiful work!

    1. Tammy Adams

      Thanks, Clare. The crochet does look like a net. My original concept had a lot less beads and more “net” showing but then I got carried away with shiny beads.

  8. Karen

    Wow you have been a busy lady ! I just adore the red pieces that you made especially the red drop earrings and that blue and red fish necklace beautiful !

  9. Louise

    Wow! I’m impressed, such beautiful creations, and you used all but one bead cap. You made a fantastic statement necklace with the wire crochet! Thanks for visiting my blog, this was my first Bead Soup Blog Hop – (isn’t turquoise fun?)

  10. sue (Partner)

    WOW!!!! Hey partner! I love with you did with all of the beads! I can’t pick a favorite one. They are all works of art. The seashore one is gorgeous. Love the mix of the blue’s and the fish, etc. I have more work to do with the rest that I will show as I complete. I would love to know how you did the crochet work??? Great work. Sue..

    1. Tammy Adams

      Howdy, partner! Glad you stopped by. Thanks again for the lovely beads. The colors were great, and the shapes were a challenge. Just the right thing for my first bead soup.

  11. krafty max

    I love them all, but I really think my favorite is the blue and green bracelet… that design and the clasp are just wonderful!! ~KM

  12. Shannon LeVart

    This is fabulous! I can’t believe how many pieces you got done and how well you used just about all of your bead soup!
    They are all beautiful but I have to share that the Fish necklace is my favorite, not only did it make me want to go to the ocean, but I really admire those who can crochet with beads, what a wonderful technique to feature an amazing focal!
    Thank you for visiting my party post!

  13. Karin

    What a beautiful collection of pieces you created with the soup. They’re all so perfectly designed, to make elegant and playful designs. I absolutely love the fish necklace8

  14. Ann

    You came up with a ton of fantastic designs from your soup. The victorian necklace is elegant, the fish one is super-fun. Love the “irish” earrings too.

  15. jean baldridge yates

    Dear Tammy, wow! You did an astounding job creating stunning piece after stunning piece! You have a vast array of techniques which you employed to perfection. Really pretty pieces! thanks for sharing them!
    jean baldridge yates

  16. Susanna

    Only one little leftover! And all those beautiful jewelry pieces! You really made good work with this challenge. The fish necklace is my favorite… maybe I should learn to crochet, too.
    Thank you for leaving a nice comment in my blog!

  17. Marie Covert

    I love all your pieces, looks like you had a lot of fun working with your soup, I especially love the crocheted wire and turquoise bead with fish necklace, how pretty and Summery! Your braided bead necklace is my favorite though. It is simple but very elegant

  18. sam

    Congratulations and a huge well done on your first blog hop. You have made some truly stunning pieces.
    You did a gorgeous job with your crochet ocean themed necklace, and i adore your red chandelier earrings.

  19. Cindy Ritchie

    Fantastic job incorporating all those goodies! I love the first necklace the most, your use of the focal was really creative.

  20. Jael

    I love how you “learned to wire crochet” for the project 😉 My favorite is that necklace! wonderful!

  21. Carmen

    The Clasp is a gogeous piece but I quite liked the teardrop focal piece. I think if paired with a black dress/shirt, it’ll look like a beautfiul white peterpan collar. great job with all your designs.

  22. J9

    So glad that you’re hooked on wire crochet! Great work on the tropical reef necklace and love those silver clover drops! Can’t wait to see more hooking work with new beads.

  23. Lori

    Tammy, you did an awesome job. I really love them all, too hard to choose a favorite here, but the last necklace with the fish focal really speaks to me!

  24. Andrea Trank

    Wow you taught yourself two new techniques for this blog hop. That is impressive. I love the turquoise piece with a toggle up front. Also love your bead crochet piece. I use that technique a lot. It is so versatile. I think it would have been very difficult to mix all those beads together. I like what you did instead. Thanks for visiting me as well.

  25. Kepi Rasmussen

    Great pieces, and you really outdid yourself. They are all beautiful but the fish necklace is gorgeous!

  26. Christine Hansen

    Tammy, I am in awe of your creative mojo! You made *so many* pieces with your soup – and they are *all* wonderful! I think my faves are the Victorian teardrop princess necklace and the crocheted wire fish necklace – both of those are challenging designs, and you totally rocked them!

  27. LoriF

    Wow, that beachy statement necklace is fabulous! Love your colour combination, and the incorporation of the fish focal…just everything! All your pieces are very pretty, but this and the first necklace are really special.

  28. Penny

    What an absolute glorious array of makes! Mr fishy really dies steal the show though with his glorious tumble of colours.

  29. Robin Kae Reed

    Beautiful designs Tammy! I really like all of them. I think my favorite is the fish necklace. It is just so darn happy!!! Have a Blessed Day!!!

  30. Elsie Deliz-Fonseca

    I love the wire crochet necklace and the fish focal ,great work on everything you made.

  31. Kelly

    Oh, I adore that last necklace. I closed my eyes and imagined I was somewhere warm with sand between my toes and the sound of the ocean nearby. Everything you made is chic & stylish. Really like the colors & your designs.

  32. Jeanne

    Beautiful collection, Tammy! Isn’t wire crochet fun?!
    Ilove the range of styles. Wish I had a reason to wear the stunning Victorian necklace!

  33. Tammy Adams

    Just a quick note to all who’ve been and those to come. I haven’t stopped reading your lovely comments but I am holding off on responding for a week-ish, so as not to over-inflate my comments on this blog. I am hopping to visit all who comment, and will be back to reply when the hopping is done. You can email me if you have questions. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment!

  34. Dyanne

    I am absolutely stunned at how many pieces of jewelry you made with your soup! I am also totally impressed with the artwork of each piece. Your work is incredible! Wow!! Wow! Wow!!

  35. Dana

    Great job! Only one orphaned bead cap remaining! That is amazing!! Love all the pieces you made! The necklace with the fish focal is so clever Love the pearls as bubbles!!

  36. Silke

    Wonderful soup you cooked. I like the way you used the clasp as a focal and especially I love the fish necklace. So beautiful!

  37. Susan Bowie

    I can’t pick which one I like the best. I like them all. The elegance of the multi-stranded pearl necklace or the whimsy of the fish. All so very beautiful.

  38. Gina Hockett

    Wow, you learned to crochet for the statement fish necklace!! Awesome job!! I love that necklace, and am amazed at the crochet work! Fantastic job!

  39. Linda Newnham

    I love your first necklace it was an inspired design and sometimes I think simple is just perfect. But my absolute favourite is the last sea themed necklace, love it!

  40. Lee Koopman

    You did a lot of work with that soup! A lot of nice pieces. I really like that necklace that features the great focal, but then, I like the first Victorian style, no, wait, I like the colorful reef with the fish focal, oh, I can’t decide.

  41. Natascha

    Wow! So many beautiful pieces! I love the versatility of your items and it was difficult to choose, but i think that the clover earrings are my favourites. Great work!

  42. Christie M

    Love the red in the first three designs- those earrings are great! My fav? The wire crochet necklace. It’s so vibrant and pretty and a great use of the beads. Christie

  43. Linda A.

    OHMYGOSH! If I didn’t make jewelry – I’d be your biggest customer! IN-FREAKING-CREDIBLE pieces! You have inspired me to pull out my red beads and go.to.town!

  44. CraftyHope

    Wow, you really got a ton made. Out of all that soup, you have a single bead cap. Amazing! Of course, you also got a bunch of really nice designs out of the deal as well. I hope you had fun with the whole process 🙂

  45. Shirley

    You did a beautiful job using all the items from your soup. Really great pieces, I think my favorite is the one with the toggle clasp. Way to go!

  46. vonna

    Tammy, thank you so much for leaving such a beautiful comment on my blog.. I adore everything you have made and really only one little morsel left! How cool is that! —

  47. maria rios

    Hi Tammy,
    You’ve created some amazing pieces. I love the crochet bead necklace. I am glad you learn bead crocheting. I just love this technique. Happy Beading..

  48. Tammy Adams

    Many thanks to all who have taken time to read and comment. I truly appreciate the visit. I’m not responding to every comment individually yet because of how it bumps my comment numbers. But I am reading them and they are much appreciated. Thanks and party on!

  49. Dini Bruinsma

    I really love the clover earrings, really pretty, they are my favourite! It’s funny, having only one bead cap left! You did a great job, creating so much beautiful coloured jewellery

  50. Stacy

    Such beautiful, wearable pieces! I came so close to doing a similar style to your multi-strand Victorian necklace, but I just couldn’t make it sit nicely. Yours looks so pretty with the unexpected pop of red.

  51. Rosantia Petkova

    So you used up all your soup and even learned a new technique! And wrote a funny and interesting post about your designs coming together! And you made an array of designs ranging from dressy to messy (in the good sense). I love them all but most of all the wire crochet necklace!

  52. Karla Morgan

    Tammy, I’m still blog hopping the bspb #8. I love the creations you made! You did an outstanding job using all your soup – WOW! I love the versatility & variety! It’s really hard to pick a favorite because each one is unique & totally wearable! 🙂

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