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Welcome to the Choosy Chicks Choose Chicklets Design Challenge & Blog Hop, hosted by Toltec Jewels and featuring lampwork beads by Sue Beads. Each participant was sent one “Chicklet” bead to incorporate into a jewelry design.

We were also allowed to purchase additional Chicklets if we wanted.  And why wouldn’t we? They’re awesome.  The beads come in a wonderful assortment of colors, with little flowers stamped on both sides. No one knew what color they would get – all part of the challenge and the fun of this hop.

I am a natural-born worrier and have had too many lost packages to put complete faith in the system. So, weeks before our beads were mailed, I went to Sue Bead’s Etsy shop to look for a “just in case” bead. As in, just in case my actual bead got lost. It was difficult to choose from the many colors, but I was especially drawn to the metallic black with an iridescent finish. My metallic Chicklet arrived just a few days after I placed my order.

Picture of black metallic flower lampwork bead

The black metallic chicklet I ordered from Sue Beads on etsy. (photo credit: Sue Kennedy/SueBeads)

And then, as news of Chicklets arriving was showing up on Facebook feeds …I got an email from our hostess saying the bead she’d mailed to me had been returned as undeliverable. Because I am a doofus and misspelled my street name. Our hostess was kind enough to re-send my bead. Imagine my surprise when it arrived and I discovered it was a match to the one I had ordered!  Squeee!

Picture of lampwork beads

What could I do with two matching beads? Make earrings, of course. I love making earrings. The designs for them come to me so much easier than for necklaces or bracelets. And they are my favorite piece of jewelry to wear. I almost wired up a pair the day I received the second bead. But, through great force of will, I stopped myself.  And decided to design as if I had only one Chicklet.

Picture of dragonfly charm necklace

I used one chicklet bead as part of a beaded focal dangle on this necklace.

I made this necklace using an antique brass finish dragonfly charm and chain, with purple Czech glass beaded accents. I was initially going to use gunmetal with this Chicklet, and maybe vitrail beads as accents. I had put it in a project box with those things and set it aside until I had time to work on it.

When I got around to working with it, I had just finished designing a necklace and earrings with Vintaj brass chain and charms. The leftover bits and pieces were still on my bead mat. They looked good with the metallic Chicklet, and brought out the purplish-bluish iridescence in the bead. Which made me think of iridescent dragonfly wings, which reminded me I had this antique brass finish dragonfly charm.  Et voila, a vintage-inspired dragonfly Chicklet necklace was born.

Picture of brass dragonfly charm necklace

The metallic chicklet bead fits well with the vintage-inspired look of this antiqued brass necklace.

I was on the verge of making another necklace with my “spare” Chicklet, using the gunmetal color theme. But my muse was still in a brass and purple mood, so I went with it. And created this bracelet with more Vintaj chain and purple Czech glass beads. I added a few blue beads into the mix for this design, to augment the shimmer in the Chicklet.

Picture of brass chain beaded bracelet

The second metallic chicklet bead used as the focal in an asymmetric bracelet.

This was the first time I’ve used chain in a bracelet and not loaded it up with beaded dangles or charms. I used to view chain only as a component for holding beads, rather than a design element on its own. I treated it like bead wire and covered it with beads.

When I entered my mixed-metal/steampunk/vintage-inspired jewelry designs phase last fall I started to embrace chains as part of the design. I’m also trying to embrace asymmetry in my jewelry designs. This bracelet is part of my journey to finding asymmetry that flows and isn’t simply a lopsided design. I’ll get there eventually.

Picture of bracelet and necklace

They aren’t a matching set, but the necklace and bracelet do coordinate and could be worn together.

I had so much fun creating with these beads. Many thanks to our hostess and our featured bead artist. Please visit their blogs, and the rest of the participants, to see all the lovely bead colors and wonderfully original jewelry designs. Thank you for stopping by. Before you leave, I hope you’ll sign the guest book – a.k.a. leave a comment, in the space below the participant list.

Toltec Jewels                                   

Guest of Honor & Featured Artist
Sue Kennedy                                                             SueBeads…A Beady Girl’s blog

Participating Artists
Linda Anderson                             
Jennifer Reno                                 
Shirley Moore                                
Kristen Stevens                              
Marybeth Rich                               
Jael Thorp                                      
Melissa Trudinger                           
Andrea Glick                                  
Nan Smith                                      
Blanca Medina                               
Shaiha Williams                                  
Carolyn Lawson                             
Rana Wilson                                   
Robin Reed                                    
Robin Showstack                           
Sheila Prosterman                           
Karla Morgan                                
Kari Asbury                                   
Kelly Rodgers                                
Jayne Capps                                  
Mischelle Andrade Fanucchi          
Heather Richter                             
Chris Eisenberg                             
Kathleen Breeding                         
Linda Landig                                 
Crystal Thain                                 
Cheri Reed                                    
Heather d-Entremont                     
Dini Bruinsma                                
Lori Schneider                               
Tammy Adams                               (you are here!)
Melinda Orr                                  
Lennis Carrier                               
Cynthia Machata                           
Elizabeth Hodges                          
Debbie Rasmussen                        
Tanya McGuire                             
Charlie Jacka                                
Ev Shelby                                     
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson              
Jasvanti Patel                              

38 thoughts on “Choosy Chicks Choose Chicklets Blog Hop

  1. Cynthia

    good for you to push yourself to create something new …. and create you did! Such lovely designs!! absolutely love the asymmetrical design of that bracelet!

  2. Windbent

    I am so glad you stopped yourself from making earrings because we would have missed out on two amazing designs. I totally love what you made and would wear both of those.

    1. Tammy Adams

      Thanks so much. If I had the right top, I’d be wearing that necklace. But I have a habit of making things that go with nothing in my closet.

  3. Ann Schroeder

    Your pieces are lovely! I don’t remember seeing that specific color chicklet before and it’s wonderful. I love what you did with each one. Kudos on resisting the earring urge!

  4. Kari Asbury

    Gorgeous designs! I am sure earrings would have been beautiful but I am glad you stopped yourself…what beauties you’ve created! I do a lot of asymmetrical design and you did a great job on the bracelet, nicely balance and wonderful eye appeal 🙂

  5. Shai Williams

    I am so glad that you didn’t make earrings because I just love both the necklace and bracelet design. The chain makes such a great design component and looks wonderful!

  6. cryssT

    These are just awesome pieces. Very lovely.
    I really, very much like the bracelet and how you put the chicklet within the brass ring. Great designs.

  7. Kepi Rasmussen

    Gorgeous pieces, love the vintage look and love the colors you put together, super cool design!

  8. Linda Landig

    I really like the way you created a triangle of chain that leads the eye to the chicklet in your necklace. And framing the chicklet in a ring in the bracelet is perfect! Why didn’t I think of that!? Great design.

    1. Tammy Adams

      Thank you, Jasvanti. To end up with the same color bead, out of all the amazing colors Sue made, was like the universe tempting me to make earrings.

  9. Sharyl McMillian-Nelson

    That deep metallic purple color is one of my favorites too! I like how that color appears in your chicklets and your other beads too! The leaves in your bracelet are perfect too and seem a great go-between the purple and brass.
    Your necklace and bracelet make a great coordinating set without being matchy-matchy!

    1. Tammy Adams

      Thanks, Sharyl. It was luck to have those leaves and beads in my stash because I waited until the last minute to decide to use purple instead of vitrail. And I prefer coordinating over matchy-matchy any day.

  10. Veralynne

    Wow, how lucky you were to get a chicklet like the one you ordered. Your pieces are gorgeous! I love the patina on the brass and how it accents the bead. Excellent work!

    1. Tammy Adams

      Thanks so much, Veralynne. I’m really in love with brass these days. I wouldn’t have thought it went with so many colors, but it’s a great design element with a strong presence.

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