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Welcome to the first Haberdashery Blog Hop, hosted by Melissa Trudinger. The participants are using fabric, buttons, ribbons, lace, and trims of all sorts to stitch, embellish, string, and create jewelry incorporating the goodies normally reserved for sewing and dressmaking.

Sewing, and more specifically making costumes, is one of my many creative outlets, in addition to designing jewelry. So you know I absolutely couldn’t pass on this hop. I have boxes (I won’t say how many) of fabric, rolls of ribbon and lace, handfuls of zippers, and the ubiquitous jar of old buttons. I haven’t tried using any of these things in jewelry before, with the exception of this little button bracelet experiment from last fall.

Picture of heart buttons bracelet

“Queen of Hearts” button bracelet.

I made the bracelet as a test. To see if I could manage a simple knotted piece, in preparation for a multi-strand button necklace I had planned to make with the contents of my button jar. The buttons are still in the jar. I got distracted by something shiny and didn’t come back to them. This hop would have been a perfect opportunity to revisit that necklace plan. But I got distracted by tutorials for zipper flowers, fabric cuffs, and the like. I have the crafter’s version of ADD. It’s fairly common, I hear.

Anywho …I wanted to fully embrace the concept of jewelry made from fabric and trims so I started with a plan for a frilly flowered cuff made exclusively from things one would find at a haberdashery.

Picture of fabric rose lace cuff

Red fabric rose and black lace cuff.

Sadly, the fabric glue I used to hold my trim in place left a stain. I know, I know, you’re supposed to test it on an inconspicuous spot before smearing it all over the place. What can I say? I waited until the last minute to get started designing for this challenge and didn’t have time to wait four hours (Yes, 4! As if.) for the test piece to dry. And wouldn’t you know, it didn’t stick anyway. [sigh]

I used ripped strips of fabric to make the rolled roses, using this tutorial. Beneath the roses, I layered red ruched ribbon over black ruffled ribbon on top of black lace. I added a fancy hook-and-eye closure for the cuff. I like the mix of textures and patterns and I have enough trim and fabric to try this again. I think I’ll sew the layers together and skip the glue next time.

Picture of black lace fabric cuff

Hook and eye closure on the rose and lace cuff.

Up next, I wrapped a wood bangle in satin ribbon and a ripped strip of cotton fabric, using a design from the book Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry (©2012, Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel).  I think there were some steps missing in the instructions, or I was high on fabric glue fumes by then, because I totally could not understand how I was supposed to knot the thread and tie the beads.

There seemed to be a disconnect between the cord yardage given in the list of supplies and how to split it up in the instructions.  I improvised. Don’t look too closely. They won’t fall off, but they’re none too neat.  I plan to cut that cord off and try again when I have more time to decipher the instructions.

Picture of fabric and ribbon covered bangle bracelet

Fabric and ribbon wrapped wood bangle bracelet.

I didn’t want the buttons to feel left out of this adventure. I didn’t have time to knot up that multi-strand million button necklace I started (in my head) last fall. But I did have time for a few pair of earrings. Yay, earrings!

I attached carved turquoise birds onto coconut shell buttons using copper wire. I added a red dyed howlite rondelle and put them on copper ear wires. I think I’ll be wearing these often. They’re very me.

Picture of button dangle earrings

Coconut button earrings with turquoise and howlite beads on copper wires.

I could make earrings all day, every day. In theory. In reality, there are cats to feed, laundry and dishes to wash, floors to sweep, etc. So, I settled for making one more pair for this hop. This pair uses wood buttons with a carved leaf pattern, paired with little red ladybug glass beads.

Picture of ladybug button earrings

Carved and painted wood button earrings with glass ladybug beads.

I have so many more jewelry design ideas from this challenge. For example, I really want to make a zipper flower and use it in a cuff. I had no shortage of zippers. Alas, they were all of the “hidden” variety, with itty bitty nylon teeth that matched the color of the zipper tape. The industrial chic effect works best when the teeth are big and metal, to contrast with the zipper tape.  It’s on my shopping and to-do lists. I pinned links to dozens of ribbon and fabric flower tutorials. And of course, I do still want to make that multi-strand button necklace. Someday. Maybe for next year’s Haby Hop?

Many thanks to our hostess for coming up with this fabulously fun challenge theme. Be sure to visit her blog, and the other participants’, to see what wearable wonders they’ve made from buttons, trim, fabric, and more. Thanks for stopping by. Please sign the guest book — a.k.a. leave a comment — in the section below the participant list if the spirit moves you.

Melissa Trudinger   – hostess                      http://beadrecipes.wordpress.com
Ann Schroeder                                                 http://www.beadlove.wordpress.com
Tammy Adams                                                http://www.paisleylizard.com/blog.html  (you are here!)
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42 thoughts on “Haberdashery Blog Hop

  1. Ann Schroeder

    This hop is such great fun! I really like your black and red motif in the first bracelet, and it looks lovely even from the back with the fancy clasp. The wrapped bangle is something I’d like to try. I’ll have to look at those instructions and see what I can make of them. Yours looks great! Nice choices of ribbon/fabric/beads. Your earrings are great too. I have those carved leaf buttons! I’m guessing I’ll be getting lots of inspiration from this hop.

    1. Tammy Adams

      Thanks, Ann. I am notoriously bad at interpreting instructions so my challenge with that bangle is probably just user error. I look forward to seeing what you do with it though.

  2. karin

    You created great pieces, the rose cuff is dramatic and the earrings are so pretty. I also want to try the wrapped bangle. So many beautiful sources of inspiration!

  3. Melissa Trudinger

    Tammy, I love the cuff, it’s rather spectacular! I hope you sort out the glue issue! The bangle is great, fantastic colour combination, and the earrings are so cute and wearable. It looks like you had loads of fun with it all. Thank you for joining in with my blog hop!

  4. Divya N

    The first cuff is very gothic, I love it (but would have loved it more as a collar neckpiece). Glues are sometimes very frustrating, you can find them everywhere except on places you want them to be,but then, what will we do without them. I like how woody and sweet your lady bug earrings are and the bangle has a great color combo which takes away from any issues you might see (not that they are actually visible)

  5. Windbent

    That first cuff would make an awesome choker! Can you imagine it with a corset?! Now I am totally nervous to try the bangle from that book, lol. The earrings are all really cute.

    1. Tammy Adams

      Thanks so much. You and Divya had the same idea about turning the cuff into a choker or collar. Definitely plan to give it a try. Don’t be nervous about the bangle – it was probably just my inability to follow the directions. 🙂

  6. Jenny Kyrlach

    Wow… what wonderful pieces! I am completely in love with that rose cuff–even with a glue issue, it’s absolutely beautiful! Of course, your other pieces are fantastic as well… You really are quite talented, and I enjoyed seeing everything you made. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  7. Carol Briody

    Your pieces are fabulous! Wasn’t this a fun design Hop? I have those buttons in a different color…you’ve just given me great inspiration to use them! The bangle is a beautiful variation..unique in its own right…I think you should keep it as is!

  8. Robin Kae Reed

    I love all of your designs!!! Yay Tammy! I love how both Goth and Victorian your cuff was! So very very cool! The bangel looks really cool. did you notice we used the same beads in our designs? And I love the Earrings! Have a Blessed Day!!!

  9. Janine Lucas

    Wow, that first bracelet is gorgeous. Very romantic and very Gothic at the same time. What a statement bracelet. Your second bracelet is lovely as well. Very clever to use 2 kinds of ribbons. And I love your earrings, especially the first pair.

    1. Tammy

      Thanks, Janine. It didn’t start out Gothic, but I have to agree it did turn out that way. And I quite like it, despite the glue mess.

  10. Rosantia Petkova

    The cuff is very dramatic and elegant – the red rolled flowers on the black lace look gorgeous! I like the combination of colors in the bracelet, the knotted beads are so playful! The earrings are very beautiful and the first pair gives me many ideas!

  11. Dolores

    Love all the pretty things you made especially the black and red cuff. BTW a hot glue gun works well for glueing things like that.

    1. Tammy

      Thank you, Dolores. I did use hot glue on the roses, but I was concerned it would make the cuff too stiff or something if I used it for the ribbons.

  12. Karla Morgan

    Wow! Your designs are fabulous! Really! I could wear either pair of those earrings on a daily basis & that heart button bracelet is sooooo cute. I saved the tutorial on the roses. I used to know how to make those but it’s been ages. Thanks a heap for the info!

    1. Tammy

      Thanks, Karla! I have been wearing the bird earrings often. The ladybug earrings are being worn often by a friend from work who bought them the day after they debuted here.

  13. Karen M

    I understand your problems with glue, there must be a quick dry, non staining one out there somewhere! I love your cuff and will check out the roses tut link. My favourites are the earrings, especially the pair with the birds, very cute.

  14. Raissa

    Out of all the gorgeous pieces you’ve made for this hop, I gotta say that the bangle is my favourite! (I seem to be drawn to all the bracelets for this hop lol)

  15. Lori

    Your work is gorgeous and really embraced the theme! I’d love to see some of the costumes you’ve designed! The pin board is lovely, too.

    1. Tammy

      Thanks so much, Lori. Maybe I will do a blog post about my costumes. After I sit down and design some jewelry to go with them.

  16. Keren Panthaki

    Swoon – Just love all the pieces you have created. Very pretty indeed, Rock Chic lace mixed up with a bit of romance. Very imaginative. Like the fabric covered bangle too, a really pretty balanced piece.

    1. Tammy

      Thank you so much, Keren. I don’t think anyone has swooned over my jewelry before. I am inspired to make more designs like these.

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