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The Handmade Forum is an on-line group of handmade artisans “dedicated to showcasing, supporting and promoting handmade designs and sellers from all over the world! ”

Beginning September 15, some of the forum members, myself included, are participating in a “Spa Day” challenge. We each get a designated spa day on which the other participants virtually pamper us by promoting our on-line shop via their respective social media networks.  

You’ll be seeing Facebook posts, tweets, and pins from me, showcasing these shops on their special days. I encourage you to join in the pampering and visit each of these participating shops, on their designated spa day, or any time you’re looking for genuine handmade sold to you directly by the person who created it.

Click on the banners below to be connected to those shops on Etsy. I’ve chosen one “favorite” item from each shop to share with you here. All images are copied from the participants’ shops. Click on the photos to go to the full item description.

Monday, September 15: Black Raven Creations

Black Raven Creations Etsy shop banner

“Unique Creations!! Knit, Sew, Paint Create!!”

Sleep Mask by Black Raven Creations

“Sleep Eye Mask purple abstract 100% cotton meditation eye mask” handmade by Black Raven Creations.

The great purple fabric of this sleep mask, which is 100% cotton with flannel, caught my eye as I was browsing this shop. There are other colors and patterns to choose from. Imagine the restful night you’ll have. These would also be great for air travel.

This shop also has bags, scarves, cowls, dog collars, cell phone cases, cozies and handmade crocheted and knit accessories, as well as Japanese knot bags, purses and pouches, Victorian goth items, scarves cowls and shawls, headbands, gloves and cuffs. A little something for everyone on your gift giving list, plus something special for yourself.

Tuesday, September 16: Puffy the Slayer

Puffy the Slayer shop banner on Etsy

“Pixel art jewelry, accessories, home-wares & more; UK.”

“Pack of 6 reusable Halloween skull cupcake toppers” handmade by Puffy the Slayer.

I hope you know by now, I love baking cupcakes. I dislike decorating them. It’s too much fussiness for something that’s supposed to get eaten. I pile the frosting high, but I don’t do frosting or fondant flowers and whatnot.

So, how perfect are these re-usable cupcake toppers made from black and white fused plastic beads? Just push the coordinating lollipop sticks into the frosting and voila …decorated cupcakes.

This shop has handmade pixel art jewelry, accessories & home wares. There are fascinators, necklaces, tiaras, rings, cosplay ears, cufflinks, serviette rings, hair clips, earrings, phone charms, coasters, magnets, bookmarks, and more. All customizable in the colors of your choice.

Wednesday, September 17: Paisley Lizard Designs (Hey! That’s me!)

Paisley Lizard etsy shop banner

“eclectic beaded boho and vintage-inspired jewelry”

Celestial Purple necklace by Paisley Lizard

“Celestial Purple Beaded Necklace with Pendant” handmade by Paisley Lizard.

I had a difficult time choosing an item from my shop to showcase here. I went with this statement necklace because of the amazing variety of colors and patterns in the natural stones. What makes this piece one-of-a-kind is as much the work of Mother Nature as the jewelry designer.

My shop specializes in one-of-a-kind southwestern, boho, and vintage-inspired jewelry, and handmade polymer clay and mixed-media buttons, keepsake boxes, and ornaments. I have necklaces featuring semi-precious gemstone beads and pendants; charm, cuff, bangle, and beaded bracelets; and a variety of drop, dangle, and chandelier style earrings on sterling silver, copper, or brass wire. I also have men’s necklaces and accessories, including cuff links.

Thursday, September 18: Quinny’s Crochet

"Crochet Baby Items, Womens Accessories and more"

“Crochet Baby Items, Womens Accessories and more”

Quinnys Crochet clutch

“Green and purple crochet clutch, handmade cosmetic / makeup bag” handmade by Quinny’s Crochet.

The colors and texture in this clutch remind me of lavender fields. It’s made with an acrylic, wool blend yarn and lined with a soft fleece purple fabric hand stitched in place. If you aren’t the clutch type (I need a shoulder strap, myself) this could make a lovely cosmetic bag.

This shop specializes in crochet baby clothes, layettes, christening outfits, and blankets.  There are also women’s accessories including scarfs, headbands, clutches, one of a kind brooches, and eye glasses or sun glasses cases.

Friday, September 19: Uniquely You Jewellery

Uniquely You Jewelry shop banner

“Wooden, decoupage & glass jewellery from Netherlands.”

UniquelyUJewellery necklace

“Geometric Sterling Silver Necklace Wooden Beads”handmade by Uniquely You Jewelry.

The colors in this necklace really speak to me. The blues and purples are so serene. And that center metallic bead, in turquoise. My favorite color. Each bead is shaped from wood and hand painted. This necklace is minimalist, but still makes a statement.

This shop has a delightful selection of wooden, decoupage, glass and metal handmade jewellery (That’s how they spell “jewelry” across the pond.) including bangles and earrings, and more necklaces.

Monday, September 22: Flaherty Naturals

Flaherty Naturals shop banner

“Handmade skin care products for natural skin care”

Flaherty Naturals

“4 Piece Lavender Bath Gift Set Lavender Lotion, Solid Perfume, Lip Balm, Cuticle Oil” handmade by Flaherty Naturals.

What could be better for your own spa day of pampering than this wonderful set of Certified Organic lavender scented bath and beauty products? The scent of lavender is wonderful for calming and relaxing. Products with lavender oil are also great for soothing dry skin.

This shop specializes in organic skin care products including body lotions and oils, bath salts and body scrubs, lip balms, and a variety of soaps, all
made in small batches using Certified Organic and 100% pure ingredients.  If you’re looking for a gift, you can get customized wrapping with lovely handmade boxes like the one in the photo.

Tuesday, September 23: Hue Wood

Hue Wood shop banner

“Abstract Geometric Painted Wood Jewelry”‘

Hue + Wood ring

“Geometric Statement Adjustable Ring Painted in Light Matt Baby Blue” handmade by Hue Wood.

The abstract patterns on these hand-painted wood square rings are unique. Each ring is one of a kind. That’s the lovely thing about handmade artisan jewelry. No one will have a piece quite like yours.

This shop specializes in hand-painted geometric wood jewelry, including bead necklaces, rings, key chains,  pendants, and stud and dangle earrings. Each one is unique and the range of colors is divine. If you’re a fan of minimalism, pop art, abstract art, and quality handmade jewelry, you need to visit this shop.

Wednesday, September 24: Make Mine Patchwork

Make Mine Patchwork shop banner

“Quilted Patchwork Treasures for You and your Home”

Make Mine Patchwork pillow

“Autumn Leaves Quilted Throw Pillow Cover, Green, Orange, Red, Gold Cotton Patchwork, Handmade” handmade by Make Mine Patchwork.

I’ve always admired the skill involved in free-motion quilting. This patchwork pillow cover in rich autumn hues of orange, red, gold, and brown is a perfect example. This would make a great seasonal accent in any room. It’s made with cotton fabrics and thread, and is machine washable.

This shop has lots of comfy looking quilts, baby blankets, and toys, as well as stylish purses, pillows, holiday and home decor. Monogramming is available on most items, and the shop owner says the “color combinations are nearly limitless.”  There are some unbearably adorable animal face baby bibs that are not to be missed.

Thursday, September 25: Dix Sterling

Dix Sterling shop banner

“Artisan Jewelry – Handcrafted by Me for You”

Dix Sterling earrings

“Hand Forged Copper Dangle Earrings” handmade by Dix Sterling.

Oh how I love copper jewelry. Especially when it’s got a fabulous patina created by heating and then dropping it into a pot of pine needles and cones. Takes rustic to a whole other level.

This shop is filled with handcrafted jewelry made from sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones.  You’ll find artisan pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings. You can also work with the artist to create a custom design just for you.

Friday, September 26: Sammy’s Jewels

Sammy's Jewels shop banner

“Kawaii and Creepy Cute by Sammy’s Jewels”

Sammy's Jewels bat wing rings

“Pastel Goth Bat Wing Rings – Black” handmade by Sammy’s Jewels.

This set of “creepy cute” glittery black rings that look like little bat wings are handmade from epoxy resin. I’ve just begun experimenting with resin, which I find intimidating. This artist mixes their own colors, adds glitter, and bravely pours away into a huge assortment of shaped molds.

This shop specializes in kawaii and creepy cute fashions, including necklaces, rings, hair clips, and earrings made from resin. There’s also adorable handmade cross stitch art.  In case you didn’t know (I didn’t until Sammy educated me), kawaii is a Japanese style that is pretty, cute, and also adorable.

Monday, September 29: Insomniac Treasures

Insomniac Treasures shop banner

“Natural Stone & Recycled Jewelry by Lisa Prus Designs”

Insomniac Treasures necklace


“Pyrite Tree of Life Pendant Necklace, Leather Cord, Copper Finish, Antiqued, Dark Gold Tree, Wearable Art, Nature Lovers, Everyday Fashion” handmade by Insomniac Treasures.

I have been admiring these wire-wrapped tree of life pendants for a while. I tried to make one years ago and failed miserably. This one is made with my favorite metal for organic jewelry: copper. The clusters of beads look like ripe fruit on a tree. I think it’s an olive tree.

This shop has a large selection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces featuring natural stones, beads, wire, and found or recycled objects. There are even special sections for men’s/unisex jewelry and jewelry for petite or youth sizes.

Tuesday, September 30: Stella Ziganti Designs

Stella Ziganti shop banner

“Handmade Natural Gemstone and Sterling Silver Jewelry”

Stella Ziganti necklace


“Natural Kyanite Necklace, Blue Kyanite and Sterling Silver Necklace, Bridal Jewelry” handmade by Stella Ziganti.

This stunning necklace made with natural gemstones has a magnetic clasp. That makes it super easy to fasten. The title suggests it would make a perfect “something blue” for a bride. I think it would be lovely to wear every day.

This shop specializes in sterling silver jewelry with natural stones and gemstones, including designer wedding jewelry.  You can request custom made jewelry for you and your bridal party that will be wearable beyond the big day.

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