Build a Line Design Challenge Dilemma

Build a Line Badge

I was so honored that Brenda let me design this badge for the challenge. It’s being featured on blogs across the www as people are gearing up to participate.

I am contemplating taking part in the Build a Line Design Challenge in 2015. It’s a master class being taught by Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B’sue Boutiques. The objective of the class is to develop a prototype of a jewelry line.

As you may know, I’ve been struggling to define my style and develop a cohesive look to my jewelry designs. I have no idea how to start. So, in theory, this challenge seems like just the sort of boot camp my muse and I need to find our voice.

I say “in theory” because the first step of the challenge/class is to pitch an idea to Brenda. What’s holding me back is the requirement that components from B’sue Boutiques be visible and prominent parts of the designs.

My issue is not with using or featuring the components. They’re fabulous brass stampings, lockets, charms, chains and other things even the most discriminating bowery bird, magpie or other collector of shiny things would find appealing. I also have no problem supporting Brenda’s shop as she is the sponsor of this class.

My dilemma is, I don’t quite know how to use these components yet. I only recently joined the B’sue Boutiques Creative Group on Facebook. I promptly placed an order from Brenda’s shop. And then another a week or so later.  I now have an impressive random assortment of components with no particular theme in mind. Much like my collection of jewelry designs.

Rusty black components

This is my first order from B’sue Boutiques. It’s mostly “rusty black” finish that’s a lovely dark oxidized brown copper finish.

Brass stampings and components

The bits and pieces from my second and third orders from B’sue Boutiques. I branched out from the rusty black finish for a few.


B’sue Boutiques specializes in collage and assemblage jewelry. I know in theory what that means. I’ve seen plenty of examples on the Facebook group page and on the Pinterest Boards. I’ve watched several of Brenda’s how-to videos.  I’m not sure I’m capable of the “kitchen sink” style pieces that are over-the-top amazing and really define assemblage as a style of jewelry.

It’s that whole asymmetric random look that feels so beyond my reach. I love the look. A lot. Asymmetry and the whole “imperfect beauty” concept appeal to me. I just have an extremely difficult time creating it. It doesn’t come naturally. When I try, it feels forced and I think it looks that way too.

Of course, my line wouldn’t have to include anything like those kitchen sink pieces. Nor would it have to be asymmetric or random. I could do something more subdued. Less complex. Symmetric and orderly. But what?

I still have a few weeks to ponder this dilemma and hopefully come up with an idea to pitch, along with a plan for implementing it. Wish me luck. And stay tuned here to see what happens. You can subscribe to this blog by email or using the feed servers in the right sidebar to be sure you don’t miss the next exciting installment in my design adventure chronicles.

p.s. Many thanks to Brenda for letting me design the badge for this event. Even if I can’t come up with an idea for a line, I’ll still feel part of it.

9 thoughts on “Build a Line Design Challenge Dilemma

  1. Maria Rosa Sharrow

    I always read that professional jewelry artists suggest that we try to come up with a “definitive style” so that people will know our work. I have a huge problem with that . I like many styles and I like to create what makes me happy. My style is all over the place. I do what makes me happy I may never get rich or be able to quit my day job but learning new things and my happiness in doing so mean a lot to me. I would be utterly bored to pieces to have to make the same style over and over again.

    Do what feels comfortable to you. Just so you know we are always our worst critics. I’m sure you will find many perfect pieces to create with those goodies from B’ Sue. By the way you made some pretty awesome choices!

    I am going to subscribe to your blog so that I can follow you through your journey with this!

    Now off to check on your bead hoarder’s post!

    Best of Luck!!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks so much, Maria. That’s pretty much how I feel too – that I’d get bored doing variations on a theme over and over. But maybe I can explore a theme until I get bored and then move on to the next. 😉
      Thanks for following and taking time to comment.

  2. Catherine

    Very nice write-up, Tammy! You’ll do amazing I’m sure! And thanks for making that “badge” for us. I’m a newbie when it comes to blogging so that was pretty cool to see it available for our sites.

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