Featured Artisan: Jetta Bug Jewelry

baby barn owl bead

Baby barn owl bead by Jetta Bug Jewelry. Photo credit: Rejetta Sellers.

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite jewelry component artists, Rejetta Sellers of Jetta Bug Jewelry.  I am positively addicted to her handcrafted beads.

Rejetta is a genius with polymer clay, sculpting whimsical versions of birds and woodland creatures in amazing detail. All scaled down to the size of beads and charms that can be used in jewelry. She also sculpts flowers, bird houses, feathers and more.

I discovered her incredible adorable artisan components through a jewelry group on Facebook. The group – Creative Bead Chat – has hundreds of posts daily so it was by chance that I saw her post about the cutest little sculpted penguin chicks I’ve ever seen.

Someone had already snapped them up from her Etsy shop. Luckily for me, she was willing to do a custom order so I could have a set of my very own.  I used them to create these earrings for last year’s “winter” theme design challenge.

Baby penguin earrings

The little penguin chicks in these earrings were my first purchase from Jetta Bug Jewelry, and the beginning of my addiction.

Those little penguin chicks were the beginning of my addiction. I have a steadily growing collection of whimsical birds and woodland creatures from her shop. I will be making more jewelry with it. But will I be able to offer it for sale or have to keep it all in my personal collection?

Rejetta’s packaging is also special, which makes receiving each order all the more fun. Each box is wrapped with a band of colorful paper and tied with coordinating ribbon. And just look at the little nests she created for this flock of birds I ordered.

Little bird beads in paper nests

I went a little crazy and bought a whole flock of birds from Jetta Bug Jewelry on Etsy. They arrived safely nestled in little paper nests. With a few bonus beads as a gift from Rejetta.

This white rabbit is my most recent purchase from Rejetta’s shop. I’ve had it, and a few other things, on my wish list for a while. When I saw that this month’s Art Jewelry Elements challenge theme was March hares, I finally had the perfect reason to buy it. As if I needed any excuse other than the adorableness.  And never you mind the fact that I already have a black rabbit from an earlier order.

White Rabbit component by Jetta Bug Jewelry

This white rabbit component by Jetta Bug Jewelry, with the little flower detail on its side, says “spring” in the most whimsical way. Photo credit: Rejetta Sellers.

These are a few more of her fabulous little creations on my Etsy favorites list. Sadly, they were sold before I could get to them. But Rejetta assures me she is making more and will be adding them to her shop soon. And I will be buying them shortly thereafter.

Winter Bird house bead by Jetta Bug Jewelry

This little snow covered bird house bead by Jetta Bug Jewelry has the most amazing texture. I’d love to know what magic she uses to make “snow” with polymer clay. Photo credit: Rejetta Sellers.

Brown mice beads by Jetta Bug Jewelry

These little brown mice beads by Jetta Bug Jewelry are simply irresistible. Look at these teeny tiny ears. Photo credit: Rejetta Sellers.

Black Sheep bead by Jetta Bug Jewelry

This little black sheep bead by Jetta Bug Jewelry is a perfect example of the wonderful texture and detail Rejetta imparts on such a small scale. Photo credit: Rejetta Sellers.

Hedgehog beads by Jetta Bug Jewelry

Okay, I can’t hold it in any longer …Squeeeee! Hedgehogs. Look at those little feet and faces. How could I not want these beads by Jetta Bug Jewelry? I hope she’s making more. Photo credit: Rejetta Sellers.

Rejetta also designs delightfully whimsical jewelry, which is available in her Etsy shop.  These “Trumpet Flowers” earrings are so wonderfully unique. I would never have thought to use crochet for the blossoms. And I’ve never seen anyone else use this type of bead cone in such a unique way either.

Trumpet flower earrings by Jetta Bug Jewelry

These “Trumpet Flowers” earrings by Jetta Bug Jewelry combine crochet flowers with brass filigree cones and enameled headpins. Photo credit: Rejetta Sellers.

I would love to know more about what inspires Rejetta and how she came to be a polymer clay artisan and designer of imaginative whimsical jewelry. She’s a very busy woman, but she has agreed to a little interview later in the year when she can catch her breath. Until then, I encourage you to visit her shop to see all the “polymer clay pretties” as she calls her components, and her handmade whimsical jewelry.

If, like me, you find something you absolutely must have, you won’t be disappointed in the quality or the customer service. You can also become a fan of Jetta Bug Jewelry on Facebook so you won’t miss an update about any of her new little critters or jewelry designs.

To be sure you don’t miss the interview, which will have more photos of Rejetta’s fabulous designs, you can sign up to follow my blog by email or news servers using the links in the right column. And of course, you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get notification about new blog posts, jewelry designs, and other creative adventures.

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  1. Teresa Schurter

    These are amazing as well as incredibly adorable! Thanks for sharing her with us, I’ll be looking her goodies up next time I get time to check out Etsy.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Teresa. Definitely do put JettaBug on your list of favorite Etsy shops.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      I’m so happy you liked your mini-feature, Rejetta. I look forward to a longer post, and sharing more of your amazing work. Even though I have mixed feelings about creating more competition for your polymer clay pretties. 😉

  2. Lee

    Tammy, those creatures are awesome! I’ve got to share her with my kids. They love fun stuff like that and they will buy it and bring it to me to make into something way cool! (keeps me from going overboard, LOL)

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