Bead Peeps Swap ‘n’ Hop Reveal

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Keep reading to see the in-focus designs.

Welcome to reveal day for the first annual Bead Peeps Swap ‘n’ Hop. This is a combination jewelry design challenge and blog hop, hostessed by Linda Anderson of Cherry On Top Designs.

Bead Peeps is a group of jewelry hobbyists, artists, and designers on Facebook. The Swap ‘n’ Hop is an event where some of us in that group signed up to swap artisan jewelry components, make jewelry with them, and then share what we’ve made on our blogs.

I was partnered with Shirley Jones Moore. You can read a little about her in this post where I introduced my Swap ‘n’ Hop partner.  You can also follow her on her blog, and visit her online store to see more of her artisan jewelry and components.

You can see what I sent Shirley in this post where I revealed our swap components. Shirley sent me a lovely color palette of earth tones to work with.  I adore earth tones. She tossed a little bit of sparkle in there too. Who doesn’t like a little sparkle?

Beads and components

These are the beads and components Shirley sent. From the top, going clockwise: Moukaite jasper beads; Czech rose gold picasso rounds; beaded focal and connectors in maroon and mauve; beaded toggle clasp in maroon and rust; extra seed beads; and a textured bronze rectangle pendant (center) by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson.

The initial challenge for me was not the colors. It was the shapes of some of the components. You see, Shirley is a seed beader, and I am not. She made the beaded focal, connectors, and toggle clasp for me. And they are amazing. I envy her talent. But I was stumped for how to attach them without breaking out some thread and learning to bead weave. Which was not gonna happen.

My first inclination was to use the two sets of connectors in earrings. Anytime I’m presented with a pair of beads or components, I automatically think “earrings!”  I was determined not to give in to instincts this time. I wanted to use them in a necklace, with the beaded focal.

Eventually, and at the next to last minute, I decided to use wire to incorporate the focal and connectors in a necklace. I turned the focal into a pendant bail of sorts, with an organic abstract swirl design of copper wire.  The beaded tubes also have copper wire swirls added.  The beaded rectangles are joined to the necklace with textured oval copper jump rings.

Necklace with beaded components

Necklace with beaded focal and connectors. From the swap: beaded focal, beaded rectangles, beaded tubes, rose gold Czech glass rounds. From my stash: moukaite pendant, copper wire, copper jump rings.

For the pendant, I wrapped a large piece of mauve moukaite from my stash with copper wire swirls.  The rest of the necklace uses some of the rose gold Czech glass as wire-wrapped beaded links. And I used more copper wire to make a swirl connector and hook for the clasp.

Wire wrapped pendant on bead and chain necklace

I made a copper swirl connector and hook clasp to bring the pattern from the focal to the back of the necklace.

The next design uses the beaded toggle clasp and the moukaite beads from Shirley. I’m not sure how sturdy this design is for wearing. I threaded some beading wire through the weave on the beaded toggle and then crimped it. I added some copper spacers to accent the moukaite. I’ve never used a beaded clasp and I wonder if the bead wire will tear through or distort the weaving.

Moukaite bracelet with beaded toggle

Earthy fall colors bracelet. From the swap: beaded toggle clasp and moukaite beads. From my stash: copper rondelles, bead wire, crimps.

The textured bronze (or brass?) rectangle became the focal of a second necklace. It was made by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson. I used a strand of moukaite beads from my stash for the neckline. The back of the necklace is finished with some antique-finish brass chain and a lobster clasp, to make the length adjustable.

Moukaite bead necklace with brass pendant

Rustic necklace. From the swap: textured bronze rectangle and seed beads. From my stash: faceted moukaite ovals, brass wire, bead wire, pendant bail, crimps, clasp, chain.

I even used some of the “just in case” seed beads Shirley sent. I wrapped some around the brass focal, using antiqued brass wire. And I used a few more as spacers between the moukaite beads. Look at me , using seed beads.

Brass focal with wire wrapped beads

Hey look! I used some seed beads in this necklace.

I had a few moukaite and Czech glass beads from Shirley left over after finishing the two necklaces and bracelet. Some of them happened to be pairs. So, of course, I made earrings. I also had a small pile of seed beads. I’ll find a project for them eventually.

Two pair beaded earrings

Earrings from “left over” beads. From the swap: moukaite beads, Czech glass beads. From my stash: copper rondelles, copper wire, brass wire.

I had planned to use all of my beads and components in a single necklace design. I tried various designs. In the end, I was thrown off by the colors more than the shapes. While the maroon beads in the toggle match those in the beaded focal and connectors, the rust colored ones just didn’t “go” with the mauve.  But they all look wonderful with moukaite. So, I have this collection of earthy fall-colored jewelry.

Jewelry designed with swap components

The collection of jewelry I designed with my swap components.

I’d like to thank my partner, Shirley, for the challenge and the lovely beads. I’m headed over to her blog to see what she made with the goodies I sent her. And then I’ll stop by to thank our hostess and see what she’s designed. And then I’ll follow the links to the rest of the hop participants.  I hope you’ll join the hop too. There’s lots of amazing artisan jewelry to be seen.

Btw, I’d love your thoughts on my designs for this challenge. If you’re in the mood, please leave a comment below. And note that it may not show up right away because I use comment moderation to keep the spammers under control. And whether you feel like commenting or not, go ahead and click a few social sharing buttons to share this post with your friends on social media. It’s much appreciated. 

52 thoughts on “Bead Peeps Swap ‘n’ Hop Reveal

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Miss Linda, for being a great hostess. It was your comment that the tube bead looked like a sea creature that got me thinking how to use wire to turn it into something else.

  1. Shirley

    Oh girl! You certainly rose to the challenge! I absolutely love the necklace, and how you used the twisted focal. This is exactly why I like to see non-seed beaders use seed bead components. Your thought process is so different from what I do, and it creates such a lovely, fresh look. I’m curious as well as to how the beading wire will hold up with the clasp, so keep me informed. That also helps me to think about how to create a clasp in the future. Maybe add some jump rings to the final design. I really love the rectangle with the wire wrap, that looks very cool. The earrings are gorgeous, I think I need to get some more of that moukaite and make a pair for me! You have truly been such a fun swap partner, and I hope we can do some collaborating in the future. 🙂

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks again, Shirley, for creating such lovely components and challenging me. I really enjoyed scratching my head over how to use the beaded components. 😉

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks so much, Divya. I challenged myself not to go shopping for things to use with my swap components. Luckily, I have a collection of moukaite beads in my stash that worked with what I received.

  2. Marica Zammit

    WOW! What a wonderful job you did.

    You had a great color palette – one of my favorites. Love everything you made but the first necklace, omg it’s pure perfection. It’s magazine submission material 🙂 Just lovely.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks, Marica. It’s one of my favorite color palettes as well. That jasper has all my favorite fall colors. And it goes well with copper or brass.

  3. sheila prose

    I absolutely loved how you used your seed bead pieces.Can I have your permission to use the idea., because I’m a seed beaded too and I was impressed with it

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Sheila. It means so much to hear another artist want to use an idea from my designs. I know you will put your own special spin on it when you do. And I look forward to seeing the results.

  4. Cynthia

    Fantastic designs Tammy! and had to giggle at the ‘Shirley is a seed beader, and I am not. I was stumped for how to attach them without breaking out some thread and learning to bead weave. Which was not gonna happen.” And Shirley said pretty much the opposite about wire. You two are like chocolate and peanut butter! Both your designs are wonderful even tho you come at it from different angles! I really love the creativity in that first piece, I would never have thought to use the beaded bead that way – but it looks fantastic!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks so much, Cynthia. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to come up with a way to use that focal that didn’t involve me going blind putting seed beads on a needle. But then …wire to the rescue. LOL. Shirley did a great job challenging me.

  5. robin kar reed

    You have done such a wonderful job!!! I love all of your designs. They are so pretty and have great colors and texture and movement. Be Blessed

  6. Lee

    Tammy, you did a fantastic job of pulling this all together. I think I would have had a tough time using seed bead components but you did a great job! I cannot decide which I like best. I thought I was going to go with the bracelet, which is so typically ME, but both necklaces are way cool.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks so much, Lee. I don’t make bracelets often enough, probably because I don’t wear bracelets. That clasp was so special it either needed to be on the front of a necklace, or showcased in a bracelet.

  7. Andrea

    I adore the moukaite. It’s a lovely stone. I still have to acquire some! ^_^ It’s not like I have enough beads or anything… LOL!

    Anyways, your jewelry is gorgeous. I love the fall color palette. Congratulations on using some seed beads! I’m not a seed beader either, and it’s a challenge to know what to do with them!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks, Andrea. And yes, you do need some moukaite. I didn’t even remember how much I had until I started looking for something to supplement my swap components. And now I know that next time I’m presented with beaded beads, I can just grab some wire and go. 🙂

  8. Shai Williams

    I can so see your issue as I would have had the same. I love how you conquered the dragon…errr….tiny little beads… and came up with such a gorgeous necklace! In fact, I like them all but especially that first one.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks so much, Shai. I really was on the verge of looking at a bead weaving tutorial. So glad my muse decided to try a little wire instead.

  9. Shalini Austin

    Oh these are so totally my kind of colours Tammy! Beautiful pieces.
    Choose a favourite? Do I really have to? Oh well it just HAS to be the first necklace – it has copper wire and it has swirls. No contest really 🙂

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks, Shalini. I was in love with the colors from the moment I opened the package. And who doesn’t love copper and swirls? 😉

  10. sam

    You have made some wonderful jewellery with those gorgeous beads. i love how you wrapped some seed beads on the brass focal.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks so much, Sam. I was determined to use some of the loose seed beads my partner sent. And I didn’t want to tamper with the focal too much because I really love the texture and colors.

  11. Nadine

    Tammy, You did some amazing work here! I especially love that bracelet but also how well coordinated the entire collection is. Nicely done!!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks so much, Rachel. I am a little proud of myself for finding a way to use the woven beads in that first necklace. 😉

  12. Palak (Pallavi Asher)

    Oh wow , I don`t know where to begin! You have such amazing taste in beads. Your wire and bead necklace is beautiful, and you have mixed up the colours beautifully and it all goes so well together!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Pallavi. I can’t take all the credit for the color palette since my partner gave me a good start. And I was lucky to have coordinating beads in my stash.

  13. Sharyl McMillian-Nelson

    Tammy, I’m thrilled that Shirley sent you a metal pendant of mine and absolutely impressed with what you did with it! It truly looks way better with the wire and beads wrapped around it! Your work with each piece is really inventive and fresh-looking. I felt like we must be “twins” when I read what you wrote about admiring seed-beading but not having the patience for it. I’m so the same way! I do admire Shirley’s work though and like you, I’ve thought a good deal about how to incorporate her fun pieces into my jewelry! I think she’s on to a great idea, selling her seed bead components, and I really love what you did with them!

    With thanks and best wishes!
    Sharyl McMillian-Nelson

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you so much, Sharyl. I’m so thrilled that Shirley chose to send me that focal you made. I was in love with it from the moment I opened the package. It didn’t really need any embellishment, but I was determined to get some seed beads into a design. Without weaving. 😉

  14. Kathy Lindemer

    All of your pieces are wonderful. I love copper and you did a wonderful job wire wrapping with it in the first necklace. The colors in the bracelet are terrific. You had a great idea adding the seed beads to the metal focal in the second necklace. It is very pretty. I love earrings so I love your 2 pairs. Well done!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Kathy. I truly appreciate your very thoughtful compliments on my work.

  15. Maire

    I love all your work, but that first necklace with the beaded components is really a show stopper!! Love your work, and glad you didn’t use all the beads in one necklace!!!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks, Maire. I’m glad I didn’t use them all in one piece as well. I quite like the little fall colored collection I ended up with.

  16. Rosantia Petkova

    What an ingenious use of the bead woven components, good for you! And the seed beads on the wire wrap, no matter how subtle, gave the pendant a whole new look! And I love the earthy tones, so warm and glowing!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Rosantia. I love those earthy tones as well. It’s partly why I was so excited when I opened my package.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you so much, Kari. I know it’s the wrong time of year, but I am feeling inspired to make more jewelry in those earthy fall colors.

  17. Robin Kae Reed

    Hi Tammy, I thought I had left you a message earlier but I don’t see it so…They are really beautiful!!! Great color and texture, I love the movement and the structure that is somehow so fluid!!! Great Job. Be Blessed!!!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks so much, Robin. I checked the spam filter for another comment from you but didn’t see one. The internet gremlins must have taken it. Thanks for stopping back to try again.

  18. Lori Alainn

    seeing how much i know you just LOVE seed beads (*snicker* *cough* *guffaw*) You did a really great job – especially NOT making earrings from the squares. And using some of the extra in the brass focal…I’m so proud of you! but seriously, great pieces!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Lori. I do love seed beads and all the things people who are not me are able to weave with them. People with far more patience, and better eye sight than I have. This was truly a challenge, in the most fun kind of way.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks so much, Fay. I think putting colors together is easier when they’re “your” colors. Not sure what I would have done with, say, a neon palette.

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