It’s “Beads Away!” for the Superstition Blog Hop

pillow box and padded envelopeA quick post to let participants in the Superstition Blog Hop know their Lucky Black Cat focals are on the way.

Each little black cat bead, pendant, or cabochon was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside a brown craft paper pillow box. The pillow box is decorated with the official Superstition Blog Hop badge.

The Lucky Black Cat focals are on their way to jewelry artists in 14 states and one foreign country (Canada) via First Class Mail. 

I even figured out how to print USPS First Class postage labels on-line. Which saved me a few pennies per package. It also meant I was able to get them mailed about a week earlier than planned because I didn’t have to wait for the weekend to go stand in line at a Post Office.

Before I took the packages to the mail box, Chief Inspector Mango gave them the once-over to be sure everything was securely taped and properly stamped.

Cat with pile of padded envelopes

Chief Inspector Mango doing a quality control check on the beads that were packed for shipping.

Design Consultant Cloud was instrumental in designing the pillow boxes and choosing the decorative black ribbon with paw prints. However, he declined to pose with any of it, as he was in his new office waiting for a very important snack. Er, phone call.

White cat in cardboard box

Design Consultant Cloud in his new office. Also known as the latest cardboard box from

And, hey! Here’s a suggestion for a perfectly painless post. When your Lucky Black Cat focal arrives, take a photo and share it on your blog. It doesn’t have to be catalog quality. Or a selfie, even. Tell your readers you will be using it in a jewelry design for the totally awesome Superstition Blog Hop and invite them to stay tuned for the reveal of your amazing design on Friday, November 13th.  Consider it a teaser, promo, trailer-type post to peak interest.  And an opportunity to dust the cobwebs off if you’ve been neglecting your blog of late.

As of this writing, I have 5 beads and 3 cabochon/pendant focals remaining. If you didn’t win one, you still have time to order one at the super special discounted (practically free) price of $8, which includes shipping. Just send me an email to and let me know your style preference (bead, cab, pendant). It’s first come, first choice.

Any Lucky Black Cat focals not claimed by the Superstition Blog Hop participants by August 30th will be available in my Etsy shop for $12 plus shipping. These are limited-edition, handmade by me from polymer clay, in my original design. To quote Smash Mouth: “So don’t delay, act now, supplies are running out.”

I am looking forward to seeing these Lucky Black Cats used in jewelry designs. This is my first time making components for other than my own use and it’s exciting to consider what will happen to them in the hands of so many talented jewelry artists. Stay tuned for the grand reveal and hop on Friday, November 13th!

10 thoughts on “It’s “Beads Away!” for the Superstition Blog Hop

  1. Betony

    Well both inspectors did a fantastic job helping!!! I’m so excited for this blog hop and to design using the lucky black cat focal. I’ve been doing my research too 🙂 thank you so much Tammy for allowing us to have this opportunity! !! I can’t wait to post a pic with my lucky cat bead 🙂

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks, Betony. My staff are always very helpful. I’m glad you’re excited about the hop. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and am pretty excited for reveal day myself.

  2. Lee

    Wow! Tammy, you have an amazing staff! Cloud’s office is just purrrfect! I just had to make one for my own helper, Nosey! He got jealous! I’m sure he will be inspecting the package when it arrives. Since you have leftover cabs, I wonder if I could buy one in addition to the one I won. Wait until you see if any more folk join up, of course. I just know this focal is going to be a hit. I want to keep my own and I want to make one for a gift. If you wait until you are sure no one else is going to join in, I don’t mind paying the Etsy store price. Just send me a paypal invoice ( is the paypal email). This is going to be such fun!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      My staff are the best. I couldn’t do without them. 😉
      I will definitely let you know if I have cabs left at the end of the week.
      Can’t wait to see your design.

  3. Deborah Apodaca

    What a lovely blog hop! I know this one has already begun, but how do you qualify for your blog hops? I would really love to participate in the next one!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone’s spooky cats!


    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      For this one, I announced when sign-ups would open in a couple of Facebook groups and in a blog post. Then I published a blog post with the sign-up form. So, if you follow my blog, or hang out in FB groups about making jewelry, you’ll likely see when the sign-ups start for the next one. 🙂

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