Art Jewelry Elements Design Challenge – Winter Sun

Ceramic sun moon pendant
The theme for the winter design challenge on Art Jewelry Elements was the rebirth of the sun, including mythology about the winter solstice.

The Winter Solstice, which marks the longest night and shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere, is something I learned to celebrate while living in Fairbanks, Alaska. There’s nothing like having just short of four hours of daylight per day for months to make you appreciate the mid-winter event that marks the gradual lengthening of days.

Somehow, even though the days have been getting longer, I ran short on time for this challenge. January completely snuck up on me and here I am the day before the reveal frantically wrapping beads in wire, taking photos, and writing this post.  Lucky you – that means I’ll keep it short and get right to the jewelry.

I made a bracelet!  I rarely make bracelets but the “hello sunshine” bead insisted on a whimsical bracelet.

Sunny narrative bracelet

This sunny narrative bracelet features a word bead by Heather Millican of Swoondimples. The polymer clay art bead is accented with Czech glass beads in bright oranges and yellows on copper wire.

Up next was a winter white sun necklace. I knew as soon as I saw this pendant that I wanted to pair it with copper.  Who am I kidding? I like copper with almost everything.

Winter white sun necklace

This rustic winter white necklace with copper accents features a whitewash ceramic pendant with smiling sun face. The pendant hangs on beaded chain incorporating white howlite beads and copper spirals. The pendant is by “beadfreaky” on Etsy.

The pendant on this final necklace has the sun rising above the moon.  Perfect symbolism for the rebirth of the sun. The pendant reminds me a little of the Arizona state flag.

Sun and Moon pendant necklace

The ceramic sun and moon face pendant on this necklace is by Lesley Watt of Thea Elements. The little white ceramic star drop is also by Lesley. The pendant hangs on copper beaded chain that alternates sodalite beads and stacks of amber chips.

That’s it for me. I’d like to thank the Art Jewelry Elements team for hosting this fun challenge. Please visit the other participating artists to see more sun and solstice-themed jewelry.

Guest Designers
Melissa Trudinger
Lennis Carrier
Linds Newnham
Tammy Adams (That’s me!)
Sherri Hartman-Stokey
Kathy Lindemer

AJE Team
Jennifer Cameron
Sue Kennedy
Niky Sayers
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Lesley Watt
Caroline Dewison

22 thoughts on “Art Jewelry Elements Design Challenge – Winter Sun

  1. Lesely Watt

    Well for someone short on time you were certainly prolific…all lovely pieces to brighten up a miserable winter but of course I particularly like the last one…you’ve set of my pendant beautifully! Thanks for joining in out challenge Tammy.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Lesley. This was a great challenge theme and your pendant was perfect inspiration.

  2. Sherri

    They are all beautiful pieces, but I am drawn to the bracelet with the bright Hello Sunshine bead – it’s so warm and cheery!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Sherri. The colors in the bracelet are a bit of a departure from my usual earth tones. It’s fun to play with other palettes on occasion.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thanks so much, Caroline. It helps to have great artisan components to design around.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Lennis. I was sort of thinking I I had done a few different seasons with my color choices.

  3. Kathy Lindemer

    Three great pieces! I love copper so of course I like the copper and white necklace. Lesley’s focal looks great with the blue and yellow beads. Your bracelet screams spring to me.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Kathy. The bright colors in that bracelet do make a bold statement, don’t they?

  4. Jen Cameron

    I love all of these pieces! I struggled just to complete ONE piece 😉 It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but I’m partial to the winter white necklace. It’s gorgeous!

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Jen. Sometimes I get on a roll with my designs and other times a design eludes me. I think it ebbs and flows for us all. And then there’s the issue of never enough time.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Melissa. I wasn’t sure I was going to make the bracelet, because it’s a very un-wintery color palette. But in the end, it did work quite well with the theme.

  5. Beth

    Your pieces are awesome Tammy. I think each one perfectly embodies the challenge. Though I do really like your bracelet piece.

  6. niky

    Wow what lovely things you created Tammy! The bracelet is so Bright and cheery but the blue and yellow necklace is just amazing!

  7. Jenny

    Like the whimsical bracelet – its fun. Like the frosty copper moon. Love the amber and sodalite with Lesley’s pendant! Gorgeous.

    1. Tammy Adams Post author

      Thank you, Jenny. Lesley’s pendant was the hardest to come up with a necklace for at first. But in the end, it was my favorite piece.

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