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Jewelry Design Challenge – Fairy Wing Fail

Copper wire earringsI signed up for a jewelry design challenge with the theme “Welcome to Faery.” I had visions of making delicate shimmery translucent earrings in the shape of wings. I was going to do a “light” fairy version and a “dark” fairy. Or maybe I was going to make fairy wings for each of the four seasons. Yep. Grand plans, I had.

Because all these diaphanous winged earrings looked so spectacular in my head, I didn’t worry about getting off to a late start with the actual making of said wings. I didn’t wait until the very last minute. Neither did I allow enough time for the “error” part of the trial-and-error process of designing something I’ve never done before. Nor for a plan B when things went pear-shaped. Continue reading

Recovering a Polymer Clay Mishap with Swellegant

Stamped copper cuff with patinaEarlier this year I experimented with two new-to-me polymer clay techniques: the Sutton slice and Swellegant metal paints.

Sometimes I make things that don’t turn out as planned. Sometimes, the results of an accident or a change in plans are better than what I first set out to create. And sometimes, well, they’re just bugly. Continue reading

Jewelry Design Challenge: Copper Etching

Etched copper earringsMy newest jewelry-making technique involves a bit of chemistry and physics. I gave metal etching a try this month. Etching and electroforming are the techniques featured for the Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design challenge in August.

I began researching etching weeks ago, and decided on salt-water as my etchant almost immediately. My studio, which is sometimes otherwise known as my kitchen counter and dining table, is not equipped for harsher chemical techniques that generate more toxic fumes. Continue reading

B’sue Boutiques Build a Line Design Challenge Part 2: the progress

Five Elemental Lizards focalsHere we are for Part 2 of the Build a Line design challenge (BALC for short) where I’ll be showing my progress in creating a line of jewelry using components from our sponsor and instructor, Brenda Sue (aka B’sue) Lansdowne of B’sue Boutiques.

In Part 1 of the challenge, the other participants and I revealed the themes we’d be exploring and components we would be using. Some of us (the over-achievers) even had a finished piece of jewelry or two to show off.  In Part 3, coming up in a month from today, we will be debuting our completed lines, which must have at least five related pieces. Continue reading

Introducing the Cactus Frog Logo and Jewelry Brand

Cactus Frog LogoThe Paisley Lizard would like to introduce you to her close cousin, the Cactus Frog. I have a fabulous new logo to go with the new Etsy shop where I’m offering my brand of handmade whimsical jewelry.

As this is my year to focus on a cohesive look for my jewelry designs, I took a hard look at the offerings in my original Etsy shop and found a split personality.  And then decided I needed a second shop, and hence, a new logo. Continue reading

B’sue Boutiques Build a Line Design Challenge Part 1: the proposal

Lizard jewelry componentsI am thrilled to be participating in the Build a Line design challenge, hostessed by Brenda Sue (a.k.a. B’sue) Lansdowne of B’sue Boutiques.

The challenge is to design five pieces of jewelry that could form the basis of a line. The participants, nearly 60 jewelry designers, will be blogging about our progress along the way in a series of three blog posts, each about a month apart. This first post is to introduce ourselves and the concepts for our lines. Continue reading

My First Blog Anniversary

Paisley Lizard anniversary logoToday is the anniversary of my first blog post. It’s almost hard to believe a whole year has come and gone. When I look at my blog archives, I am reminded of all the fun things I’ve done this year. I decided to celebrate this milestone by doing a sort of “my year in review” retrospective. Here we go, not necessarily in chronological order. Continue reading

Moving from Weebly to WordPress

House moversIf you’re considering moving your blog from Weebly to WordPress, and you’re not a code geek, I’m here to tell you it can be scary. But, just like any kind of move, having some hired-muscle can make all the difference.

I recently transitioned my blog and the rest of my website from a Weebly platform to WordPress. I did not do it on my own. I wisely sought help from a consultant. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute. But first, let me tell you why I moved. Continue reading

On Becoming a Social [Media] Butterfly

Paisley Lizard logo with social media butterflies

Art credit: Lauren Williams/OMG designs.

I was always that kid reading a book while others played together. I prefer solitary pursuits like reading, baking, and making jewelry over going to parties, playing team sports, or otherwise hanging out in crowds. The only times I ever kept a journal were when it was a required assignment for class.

So, how is it that I now have profiles on all these social media sites, publish a blog, and am a member of an ever growing number of groups and teams? I blame Paisley (my creative alter ego and lovely model for my logo). She’s the emerging social butterfly who has lured me into all these interactive fora. Continue reading